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La Fondation Le Chaînon

Marketing strategy + Website + Sales tools (RFP/RFI) + Conscious marketing

Founded in 1932, Le Chaînon’s mission is to welcome women in difficulty, unconditionally and without judgment.

Every year the Carat team and its sister brands organize a series to raise awareness of Le Chaînon’s cause. For example, we joined forces to deliver packages of homemade chocolates to each woman staying at the shelter over the holidays. Needless today, it was a heartwarming hit.

In 2016, a special team was created by our leader at the time, co-founding a one of a kind yearly fashion event RELUXE Mtl to sell branded luxury items donations with 100% of the proceeds going to Le Chaînon. The group needed help establishing an original and distinctly classy approach. With the help of a stock graphic design, we built the branding around the original logo and stock image. They have since updated the creative direction but have kept the original logo created for them. 


Graphic designer: Valerie Guillot

Branding and creative direction


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