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Who we are

We are a collective of rockstar marketing experts who understand that everything marketing, web and media related can be intimidating when you have no idea where to start or how to get it done. We’re a boutique agency that can help you with special projects, on-time project management, niche expertise, 360 consulting and turn-key service on temporary and long-term mandates. We can adapt. Just like marketing.  

We deliver outcomes

Our team of experts have worked on both the agency and client sides, so we understand how the game is played, too. Intrapreneurs with a holistic approach, we excel at implementing and deploying your vertical marketing strategies flawlessly, enabling you to focus on your horizontal growth. 

Montréal based, we are bilingual and bicultural, and we know our poutine.  


Our values



(open, frank, candid)



(quality of being true)



(ideas, alternatives, possibilities)



(emotions, thoughts, attitude)


Our vision

With no over-head expenses, we pride ourselves on serving our clients with transparency, accuracy, creativity and empathy.

We’re Gen-Xers, so our collective experience gives us the gifts of both worlds: old-fashioned “let’s do a billboard or magazine ad campaign” drive, and a command of new-era AI and next-gen technologies like ChatGPT.


Looking for cool cats? We’re it.

Be part of the cool cats #humblebrag

Feel free to reach out! We’ll be happy to discuss all the amazing things we can do for your business.

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